Silencing the critics

No one would have predicted that the two biggest pitches of this depressing year would end up with UM. Infact the arrogance of some key people in the indutry and despite their best efforts to orchestrate the results ended up in futile. UM’s back. Now Lissen. Learn and Obey.


Coca Cola and L’Oreal Luxury . 2 wins in 2 days

This was the most amazing week ever. We’ve got back Coca Cola after 7 years. Its like a home coming. The entire Middle east account is now with us. The announcement was made on 14th October. Just one day later , we discovered the news on L’Oreal Luxury Products. Its something that we passionately pursued for almost 6 months. Two of the biggest brnads in the world … it will be amazing to handle their business. Thanks to all that contributed towards winning it.

6 weeks of pitching

The last 6 weeks have been unbelievably hectic. First it was the L’Oreal Luxury Division pitch and within 10 days we had the Coca Cola MEBU pitch. 6 weeks of hardwork… 6 weeks of turmoil… 6 weeks of sleepless nights. The results will be out in a few days. My biggest revelation in these 6 weeks was the passion with which the pitch team worked. I haven’t seen such undying commitment for the guys. We are a peoples business and i am so relieved to have passionate young talent. Whatever the outcome i am convinced that the new crop will take UM to great heights.

Cheers to UM and all its employees

Late!!! Not quite

Hello World! Yes i may be late in joining the blogworld. But what the heck… better late than never. Internet access, penetration and usage is just about taking off in the Middle East. So from that perspective i guess am doing just fine. I am going to be re-christening my blog and have already thought of various names for it.  favourite one being spaceZ.

Tacky huh? naaah … well its all about me and its my place and its my space.