Its all about Mindset

Here’s an interesting anecdote I heard recently.

Its about our attitude and how it plays, perhaps the most critical role in our day to day conduct.. At home, at work and at play

Its about Elephant’s who are chained. Chained by metal links which by no means can withstand the mighty powers of the Elephant.
Yet, chained elephants seldom break away from these chains.

One wonders why? Especially when the strength of the links is far weaker compared to the strength that the Elephant can possibly exert to break free.

Reason being – when elephants are young, a similar chain is used to tie them. At that age, the chain is strong enough to hold them in their place. Eventually Elephants get conditioned to believe that the chain is stronger than the pressure they exert and as a result, they do not attempt to free themselves even when they grow up.

The same applies to us. Its so true that we hold on to so many beliefs.
Beliefs that make us go thru life and never attempt to do something simply because we failed the first time.

Its all about Mindset. To achieve something its imperative that we break these mental chains and blocks.

So keep attempting, keep trying, despite what others say and despite ur failed attempts of the past


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