Future Tense?

Recently at a training and leadership summit, had the opportunity to meet 37 MD’s from different disciplines within Advertsing. They came from all across the globe. The discussion largely revolved around our core product offering as an advertising agency. Contrary to what i had thought, our issues in the Middle East may not resonate with those of presumably much developed advertising markets like Europe and America. But in fact our issues not only as an advertising agency but specifically as a media agency are almost exactly the same.

Some of the key issues that every one is grapling with…. (1) Getting remunerated for ideas and not time (2) the Digital brouhaha (3) the talent conundrum (4) High margin businesses 🙂 (5) Integration vs. Interdependence (6) Do you really win on strategy or on Price !!!!??? 

Most MD’s across the board are grappling with the same questions. Sometimes i wonder whether these issues have remianed the same as maybe a decade back or even 3 decades back. Lots may have changed over the years but deep within the core issues remain constant. (barring Digital ofcourse). But back then Digital equivalent would have been the rise of TV for instance.  Which begs me to ask, how tensed is our future as an agency.

Happy to beleive that Digital is not a conundrum but an opportunity to define ourselves all over again. Its about ideas and those that make a difference to brands ultimately, will win this struggle. Afterall Darwin craked it way way way long back… “Its not the toughest nor the most intelligent that survive, but those that can adpat to “change”



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