Perceptions are not the reality… but perceptions are a reality

Creating the right organizational structure.

Much has been written and said about how to create the right structure within an organization. But when it comes down to actually doing one, its much tougher than one would expect. Company needs, people needs, client needs…. all distinct and varied. Creating the right mix is tough and thats what i have been struggling with for the past 6 weeks. But what i mentioned above is really not the problem. The biggest hurdle is Perceptions. Perceptions about being in the right team, perceptions that the clients exposure will not be worth it, perceptions that “the new boss is too demanding”. ……. never ending list of perceptions that people form develop and harbour. This leads to another issue is whether to pamper such feelings and give heed or do what’s right for the organization. If you prioritize people, then sometimes you compromise on organizational priorities. The other way round is also true… you prioritize the Organizational needs over people and you get doomed. After all , the advertising business is a “peoples” business.  so the easy formula is to marry all three… but will the outcome benefit the organization ????? No way!!!!

So i have decided to take some harsh steps this time and put the organizational requirements before everyone else’s… lets see what happens. more in a few days !!!!



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