Remembering Talal Kateb… the one man who played a pivotal role behind the launch and now the success of Zee Aflam

zee_aflamtalalFor those of you who knew Tala, he was an amamzing amalgamation …lebanese, raised in Saudi, worked in Dubai and relished spicy Indian curry as if he made it on his own. It was this amalgamation that helped him look deepinside the Indian culture and when Zee Aflam was launching for the Arab audiences, he brought all his insights to the fore and created a unique comms strategy that really helped propel the brand. Yes almost after a year of launch Zee Aflam is doing amazingly well against Arab Female audiences. The Gold at the GEMAS Effies is well deserved and it goes out to Talal. Missing him today.
Moreover another very important person (or arguably THE most important person) who saw Zee Aflam ruled is Elie Mouawad. He was sure, confident, precise in everything he did for the brand, right before the launch (which includes selecting an ageny line UM :)) . Thanks Elie for everything


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